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Top Kitchen Appliances

It's so easy to go crazy with appliances. Rice cookers, slow cookers, one-pots, stand mixers, toasters, pressure cookers, air-fryers, and sous-vide.... the list can go on and on. There's an appliance for almost every possible cooking method or dish out there.

Although there are merits for many of those appliances, if you're trying to stay minimal or if you're just starting out, then these three appliances are the ones we find the most useful:

1) A High Powered Blender

Used to blend ingredients into a uniform liquid; especially used to make smoothies, salad dressings, sorbets or nut milks, and you can also usually use it to puree soups if you don't have an immersion blender.

When it comes to blenders, at one end of the spectrum, there are super powerful and high quality ones, but they usually also come at a steep price… and at the other spectrum you've got more affordable ones, but then you're sacrificing on power or capacity.

Important To Note

Before we begin, there are two important things worth mentioning regarding appliances:

  • The higher the wattage the better, because it means it'll be more powerful to blend things like nuts and seeds.

  • Invest in a good one once, because you'll be using it for years. It'll make your life in the kitchen so much more enjoyable and easy.

At the studio, we use a Vitamix. It's a blender that is consistently rated at the top of its field. Why?

  • Power: it crushes ice with ease, and leaves you with a uniform consistency. No chunks anywhere.

  • Large capacity: it can blend up to 2L of liquid.

If you're the type of person who makes smoothies and nut milks on a regular basis, then this machine is great.

At home, we use the Ninja Blender. The reason we chose this blender for the house is multifold:

  1. Compact: it's super compact, and hardly takes up any room on the counter.

  2. Affordable: it's very reasonably priced considering a food processor is included (more on this below).

  3. Portability: you can replace the blades with a drinking lid and take it with you to go!

It's worth noting, it's not as powerful as the Vitamix so sometimes chunks remain. The volume it can blend is also smaller.

All-in-all, blender is one of the most crucial kitchen appliances for us, and we highly recommend it.

2) A High Powdered Food Processor

One of the most frequently asked questions we have is:

"Can I use a blender instead of a food processor?"

The blender and food processor look similar: they have blades, they blend up food, but they serve totally different purposes. The blender is meant to blend things that are liquid, while the food processor blends things that are more semi-solid. These are things like almond butter, tahini and creamy dips like hummus, you can make energy balls, falafel, date and nut based desserts like brownies or the base to bars. You can even use a food processor to knead dough. It's a really versatile machine.

Why we love our Magimix:

  1. Powerful: almond butter made in no time.

  2. Quiet: especially when compared to other food processors.

  3. Compartments: with three separate compartments, you can blend depending on the volume you need.