NOURISH BOWLS » a collection of all our recipes

Nourish bowls are a staple around here. They're incredibly filling and can be easily adjusted based on what you have lying around you fridge. Plus most of our nourish bowls follow the Plate Method meaning they are well balanced. Give one of our many nourish bowls below a try and be sure to let us know what recipes you'd like to see featured in the future.

Black Bean Garlic Tofu Nourish Bowl

Hot or cold, this noodle bowl is delicious. The dressing is tangy and the black bean sauce is the perfect flavour combination for the veggies and crispy tofu. Find the recipe here.

Coconut Roasted Lentil Nourish Bowl with Tahini Sambal Sauce

A bowl full of nourishing ingredients and all kinds of different flavours. The coconut cardamom rice gives it a nice twist, especially in combination with the spiced roasted toppings. The recipe on how to make it can be found here.

Golden Tempeh Nourish Bowl

A beautiful bowl with golden tempeh, red rice and sauteed vegetables. Find the recipe here.

Lentil Brown Rice & Potato Nourish BowL

Simple and delicious. Served with a delicious Avocado Garlic Cream. Recipe for this comforting bowl can be found here.

The Original Nourish Bowl with Miso Gravy

This is one of our first nourish bowls ever posted. It was such a hit that we were inspired to create more. The no-cook miso gravy is inspired by a miso gravy at a popular vegetarian restaurant I used to frequent in Vancouver. Get the recipe here.

Burrito Nourish Bowl with Creamy Guacamole

Burrito in a bowl - no need for further explanation. Give it a try here.

Baked Dill Falafel Nourish Bowl

It's like a falafel donair in a bowl. This nourish bowl is packed with veggies and these falafels are out of this world. Find the recipe here.

Rickshaw Brown Rice Nourish Bowl with Coconut Peanut Sauce