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Getting rid of things can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. I like to make it just a little bit easier by breaking it down into smaller, more achievable steps. Chipping away at it slowly is better than not at all, wouldn't you say? Let's enter the New Year together feeling refreshed by knocking through some items on the list:

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1) Take it at your own pace:

Take it at your own pace. Some items might take longer to do, and that's absolutely okay.

When I first had to clean out my inbox it took nearly a week! Once it's done though, it'll be easier to maintain. So follow this list, if you choose, at your own pace, and in whatever order you choose.

2) Keep the items you love:

Decluttering your items does not mean throwing away things you love. These 30 days are meant to serve as time for you to review our possessions. Determining which items are used or spark joy, versus the items that are unused or do not spark joy. We keep the former and rid ourselves of the latter. So if you like keeping books, or if you want to hang on to all those paint supplies because they make you happy, then by all means keep them! It's about doing what feels best to you ❤

2) Make editing a habit:

After the 30 days are over, it's easiest if we continue to edit the spaces in our home every so often to keep it decluttered. A few minutes once a week is much less burdensome than a few hours once every few months.

For example, when new groceries come into the home, I don't put them in the fridge until the fridge is first scanned: I remove any old, rotting or expired products and give it a quick wipe down, then load it up with all the fresh stuff.

Pro tip: keep one shelf in the fridge dedicated to items from your last grocery haul.

This way you know that the items on this shelf should be used first :)

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​❤ Sadia

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