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This video is a fun way to share tips I wish I had known and followed when I was younger. I'm happy for all the decisions I have made in the past because they shaped the person I am today. You won't see me giving myself a hard time for questionable decisions that are now behind me. Instead, let's focus on how we can find balance and how we can nourish more whole decisions in our day-to-day lives moving forward.

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It's not about disregarding nutrition altogether, and it’s also not about being perfect or eating absolutely healthy all of the time. It's about offering yourself compassion, eating well most of the time, simplifying the complicated, and finding balance. We aren't striving to find perfection, so we can stop being in a rush to get there. Small and gradual improvements in health and wellness are what pay off the most in the end ☺

(photo taken circa 2009)

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❤ Written by: Sadia

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