You may have noticed the Pick Up Limes slogan:

"Nourish the Cells & the Soul"

... but what does that mean? Allow me to explain:

It's not about being healthy ALL the time.

It's easy to get caught up in being healthy, but sometimes, and for many people, it can become overwhelming and get out of hand. This may lead to guilt, self-blame, and this feeling that we are not enough; not doing enough, not trying enough, not having enough willpower, not being skinny enough, etc.

Do any of these feelings/thoughts sound familiar?

  • "I should not have just eaten that... it's so unhealthy."

  • "I said I'd exercise today and I didn't... what's wrong with me?"

  • "I'm going on a detox juice cleanse for 2 weeks... starting today!"

  • "I'm going to meditate or do yoga for 30 minutes every single day... starting Monday."

The intentions are often admirable and pure, but...

It can also lead to unhealthy relationships with food, activity, and self-care rituals. Remember we choose to eat well and be active because it's good and healthy for our bodies, but is it healthy to constantly give yourself a hard time for your food choices and for your actions (or lack thereof)?

Nourish the cells AND the soul!

So, shift the focus towards making conscious decisions that nourish the cells - with wholesome food, regular activity, and self-care rituals that feel good. Do it because you enjoy it and not because you feel you have to do it.

But also note: It's EQUALLY important to nourish the soul!

Here are some examples:

  • Occasionally enjoying a treat because you feel like it, and not as a result of using the food as a reward or punishment.

  • Enjoying a meal out with friends, even if it's not the healthiest food. The act of spending time with the friends is nourishing the soul, and that's just as nourishing as having a more wholesome meal that nourishes the cells.

  • Doing yoga just twice in the week instead of every single day because you want to also make time for your hobbies and spending time with loved ones. Additionally, choosing to do yoga because it feels good above all else, not because you feel you have to or because others are doing it.

Honour that these, too, are making healthy choices.

Beware of getting caught in the numbers, the strict rules, the 'good foods' vs. 'bad foods' mindset, and the feeling that you are not enough. Honour your decisions by making them conscious decisions. Ask yourself, "does this nourish my cells?" If not, then ask yourself, "does it nourish my soul?" If yes, then continue without hesitation and most importantly: enjoy!

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❤ Sadia

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