Balsamic & Basil Bruschetta

Bruschetta has always been one of my favourite appetizers. There's nothing quite like the combination of dry, warm, toasted bread with a refreshing, moist, herb-and-garlic-flavoured tomato topping to tantalize the tastebuds and get the stomach juices flowing in preparation for some more good eating.

The fragrance of the fresh ingredients that go into this dish is pleasantly overwhelming. It makes the act of chopping and slicing the ingredients so enjoyable. First the aromatic tomatoes, followed by the pungent onion and garlic, and finally the refreshing basil leaves.

Pro tip: when adding the tomatoes, allow any juice that seeped out when cutting to remain on the cutting board; do not add this to the bowl. The tomatoes will naturally release moisture and you don't need more moisture than this.

This would make a wonderful potluck addition or appetizer for any holiday. Serve it cold on toasted bread, or heat the bread and tomato mixture together and serve warm. Don't forget to garnish with some basil!

Pro tip: the bruschetta is delicious as is, but I found it was taken to another level when served with hummus on the toast. Make your own hummus, or any store-bought version will work great!

Have some leftover bruschetta and no bread? Try it on rice cakes too for a quick and easy snack!