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There's something about drinking a smoothie that feels like you're instantly nourishing every one of your 37 trillion cells. As nourishing as it, there are ways to make it even healthier:

1. Nature's Candy

Forget adding honey or syrup or sugar. All you need is some of nature's candy: fruit! Not only does it make it sweet, it also adds fiber that the other sweeteners can't. I usually use frozen bananas as a base because it also makes the smoothie super creamy and frosty.

2. Liquid Nourishment

Of course water alone is hydrating, and coconut water offers loads of electrolytes, but I always like to add a non-dairy milk to my smoothies for the added calcium. I usually use an organic soy milk, which adds more natural protein than almond or rice milk. But the main focus here is the calcium. Be sure to check the label.

3. Get Veggie With It

Adding vegetables is a great way to get more vitamins and minerals. It's low in calories, and super high in nutrients. Plus it adds a load of beneficial fiber. Try a dark leafy green like spinach or kale, or maybe beets or carrots, or for extra hydration some cucumbers or celery.

4. Oh-OMega

We've all heard about how important omega-3 fats are. If you follow a plant-based diet and don't eat fish, try to get omega-3 from a whole foods fat source at least twice a day. My go-tos are flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, or walnuts. I usually add a tablespoon it in my morning parfait, but a smoothie is also an easy way to incorporate this important nutrient. Using these ingredients also gives the added benefit of fiber!

5. Get Nutty

Adding a nut butter, whole nuts or even seeds is a great of adding whole-food fat sources that help to keep you fuller for longer. This is especially great if you're enjoying your smoothie as the main meal, but feel free to omit this if the smoothie is just a snack. Again, there's the added benefit of... you guessed it: fiber!

And That's A Wrap! (... or rather, That's A Smoothie!)

I hope you founds these tips helpful :)

Oh, and if you missed it I also made a video outlining the above ideas:

That's all for now, folks.

Happy sipping!

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❤ Written by: Sadia


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