HOLIDAY PREPARATIONS » 5 tips for healthy eating this holiday season

Tired of the yo-yo eating habits every holiday season?

Don't worry... we've all been there.

Let's keep weight loss off the New's Years Resolution List this year with these quick nutrition tips.

5 Quick Holiday Nutrition Tips For Healthy Eating

Tip 1: think ahead. Have a snack before going to a potluck. If famished, you're more likely to give into temptation. Need some ideas? Try these:

Tip 2: beat the buffet. Buffets are tempting. The key is to avoid grazing. Inspect the offerings first before loading up. Serve it and savour it.

Tip 3: go frozen. Getting enough fiber is not only good for digestive wellness, it also helps to contribute to a feeling of fullness, thereby preventing over-eating. Of course, fruits and vegetables are loaded with fiber but are harder to find in winter months. Frozen fruits and vegetables, though, are often less expensive and can be more nutritious because they're picked at peak ripeness and frozen immediately for transport. Try frozen peas or spinach in a comforting soup.

Tip 4: prep breakfast in advance. You might find less time for breakfast with the increased commuting time in snowy weather. Ensuring you have something in the morning helps to avoid over-eating later in the day. Here are some quick breakfast ideas:

  • overnight oats soaked in almond/soy milk, with fresh fruit added in the morning

  • chia pudding made the night before

  • batch-made granola prepared on the weekends for a quick morning breakfast parfait

  • to-go breakfast bars made on weekends

Tip 5: watch the liquid calories. With any holiday drink, whether hot chocolate or alcohol, watch the serving size. If you're going to a coffee shop ask for quarter- or half-sweetened holiday drinks, or better yet make espresso or chai lattes made with almond or soy milk.

And one more tip, perhaps the most important of all

This year, give yourself the gift of compassion.

Temptation is all around, and you're only human. Allow the occasional indulgences, while also being kind to your body and spirit. Avoid the binge-now and restrict-later mentality. Delicious food is always at our fingertips and Christmas is no exception. Now that's something to be grateful for this holiday season.

Wishing you a very jolly holiday season surrounded with loved ones and filled with all things merry.

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What About You?

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❤ Written by: Sadia

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