Frequently Asked Questions 

Nutrition: General

How does one become a dietitian?
It really differs depending on the province/state/country you plan to study in. I recommend doing a quick search online for the programs in your area. I attended the University of British Columbia, Canada where I completed a five-year program for a BSc in Dietetics; this included a 10-month internship at several hospitals and was followed by a jurisprudence exam.
Some FAQ about becoming a dietitian are answered here.
Why is there no nutrition information for the recipes posted? 
I don't believe in counting calories or tracking macros unless there is a medical reason for it. I like to honour my body's hunger and fullness cues and use that as a way to maintain a balanced lifestyle and healthy relationship with food. For me, balance means eating wholesome, plant-based meals most of the time, while allowing for treats and indulgent meals on occasion without guilt. 
Do you offer any food or meal plans? 
Not at the moment, but I'm certainly planning on creating some in the future!
Do you have a cookbook?
We don't have a physical cookbook at the moment, but we hope to one day in the future! In the meantime, enjoy all the free recipes that can be found on the blog (each also available as a downloadable PDF). We also created a PUL E-cookbook that contains all the recipes we've made up until the end of December 2019. Any recipes made in 2020 are not available in this E-book. 
Nutrition: Plant-based
What is your food philosophy? 
Uncomplicate it and take it back to the basics. Unfortunately, there's a lot confusion and fear when it comes to eating. I feel meal and snack times should be the most calming, joyous and nourishing parts of our day. I believe in eating as much whole-food, plant-based ingredients as is reasonable to you; listening to hunger and fullness cues, and most importantly honouring where you are at. No fear, no guilt, no shame... just nourishment.
Is your nutrition advice only for those who are plant-based or vegan?
Certainly not! The PUL tips can be enjoyed by all, regardless of dietary choices. Of course I do believe in the many health, environmental and ethical benefits of following a plant-based lifestyle, but I would never pressure it on anyone. Ultimately, this is your decision. 
What are your tips for anyone wanting to transition to eating more plant-based?
I've created a video on my tips for beginners to the world of veganism; watch the video here
What resources would you recommend for anyone wanting to learn more about the plant-based lifestyle? 
The book Becoming Vegan by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis (both Registered Dietitians).  This book is a simple yet comprehensive resource loaded with evidence-based information.
I would also recommend the website and YouTube Channel of the medical physician, Dr. Gregor called He's also written a very informative book which can be found here
Is it hard being plant-based in a community of healthcare professionals who may not believe in its benefits? 
At first, yes - it certainly was. With time and as I've learned and researched more about it I've grown confident in my decision. I've also grown confident my understanding of the benefits such a lifestyle can have on individual health, the environment, and the welfare of other living beings. There is certainly a shift taking place with more and more members of the healthcare community recognizing these benefits, and I feel honoured to be a part of this community.
Do you take any supplements? 
You bet! I take Vitamin B12 as well as Vitamin D (depending on the time of year). The dose and the amount you'd need depends on a few factors like age, gender, geographical location, season, diet and lifestyle. I've written brief articles on Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D if you're interested to learn more; note these recommendations do not substitute for the advice given by your doctor or dietitian. 
What kitchen equipment do you recommend? 
Check out our blog post on kitchen essentials here. You don't need much. Blender, food processor, garlic crusher, cutting board and good knives. That's about it. I believe in keeping things simple, both in the kitchen and in life. Who likes things complicated?
What blender and food processor do you recommend? 
Really, any high speed machines will work. I personally use a Vitamix blender and a Magimix food processor, and absolutely love them! If you want to know what specific kitchen essentials and equipment I recommend, visit the PUL shop!
What should I stock my pantry with? 
I've made a video on this - watch it here. For more ingredient essentials, check out the PUL shop here.
Do you have a grocery shopping list for me? 
Yes! Get your free copy here
How do I store my fruits & vegetables so they keep longer?
Stay tuned for an article and video on this! 
Why the name Pick Up Limes?
I wanted a name that was fun and cheerful, but also memorable... and of course had something to do with food. Many names I came up with had the domain names already taken. One sunny day on my walk home from work Pick Up Limes popped into my head, and so it was born. 
What Camera do you use? 
For all filming and photography equipment I use, click here
What editing software do you use? 
I use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos. I learned how to use it by watching YouTube videos, of course.
Website & Blog
Who designed your website?
It took a few months but I was able to design it all myself. Like anything else: it takes some work at the beginning and gets easier with practice and patience. 
Do you have any styling and photography tips?
Watching videos and practice, practice, practice will make perfect. I had no photography background before beginning but if you have an interest you will figure it out. Also, natural lighting is always best. 

Where are you from?
My parents are from Afghanistan, although I've never been. I identify as a Canadian as it's where I lived my whole life... well, most of it. In the 2016 I moved to live in the Netherlands. 
How long have you been a minimalist? 
Probably just before I got ready for my 6-month travels to South East Asia and Europe in December 2015. Learning to live out of a small backpack (the kind you took to high school) really helped me realize how little you need to live happily. Before this, I was definitely a maximalist! 
How long have you been plant-based?
On-and-off since high school, but it's "stuck" since about October, 2014. You can read more about my journey to plant-based here 
What's your favourite way to pass time?  
Spending time with lovely people and spending time in nature, especially if light activity is involved. 
Thanks for stopping by and learning more about Pick Up Limes!
In love and gratitude, always,